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Takee 1 the first holographic phone

This week the CES 2015 began in Las Vegas Nevada, one of the most important technology fairs that are presented during the year, and many manufacturers have already let us see some of their novelties. Among all that has been presented so far there is a gadget that has stolen the attention of the media for its novel promise; This is the telephone holographic Takee 1 from the manufacturer Estar Technology, a manufacturer that we have probably never heard before, but which is now on everyone's lips thanks to its new phone.

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Take 1 holographic phone

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Takee 1 advertising images

Takee 1 the first holographic phone

The flagship phrase of Takee 1 that has led him to win the innovation award on the first day of CES is to be the world's first holographic phone. To achieve these holographic effects, Takee 1 uses an accessory that is shaped like an X or spider that attaches to it. This accessory has 4 3D cameras that track the movements of the eyes of the person using the mobile creating the 3D precept without the use of 3D glasses. The 4 front cameras do not sound familiar? Well, many of us have already noticed the similarity that this phone has with the Amazon Fire Phone, the smart phone that the big one of the online sales will launch last year with relative little success. Like the Takee1, the Fire Phone uses 4 front cameras (which already come in the phone and are not an accessory) to track the user's eyes and create the sensation of depth on the mobile screen.

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Take 1 holographic phone

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Front view of Takee 1 with its 4-camera accessory on

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Take 1 holographic phone

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This is the accessory of Takee 1 that gives you the holographic functions seen behind

Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone with its 4 front cameras remembers the Takee 1

The apparent great difference between the holographic phone Takee 1 and its predecessor, the Fire Phone, is that the second uses the cameras to give 2D depth sensations on the same mobile screen, as if we were looking inwards from a window, while the Takee 1 tries to do the opposite, that is, to remove the images from the screen and make them see floating in the air and not only that, it is also shown in the publicity, the possibility of controlling some of these projections by touching them in the air or at least through some hand gestures.

The question that many of the media have asked themselves (I include myself there) is whether this experience is really holographic or is it rather an optical illusion that can only be seen by the person in front of the mobile. This is because the promotional videos of Takee 1 seem to be somewhat exaggerated showing true holographic images from perspectives that certainly seem impossible, so until we have one of these more at hand, we can only speculate on its true holographic effect. What we can see for now are its technical specifications that are not bad at all. In relation to the price does not seem to have an official one, and from the page of being America it is announced that they will soon open the presales of the same.

ColorsBlack and white
DimensionsHeight: 152 mm Width: 77.3 mm Thickness: 9.9 mm
Weight180 gr
ProcessorMTK6592T True Octa-Core Processor, 2.0 GHz
NetsGSM: 900/1800/1900 MGzWCDMA: 900/1900/2100 MHzSupport Unicom21M HSPA + networkBluetooth: 4.0
PositioningGPS / AGPS
screenUnique 5.5-inch holographic display screen
Touch Panel3rd Generation Corning Gorilla Class
Eye trackingSupported
Front camera5 million pixels, ultra wide-angle lens
Rear camera13 million pixel SONY camera (IMX135) F2.0 large aperture
SensorsGravity SensorProximity SensorLight SensorGeomagnetic SensorAir TouchGyro
VideoFront Camera: 1080P Full HD video capturing, 30 fpsRear Camera: 1080P full HD video capturing, 60 fps
BatteryBuilt-in 2500 mAh lithium polymer removablebattery
SIM CARDSupports dual SIM cards (one standard SIMcard, one Micro SIM card)

True or false the holographic effect of Takee 1, in any case a very interesting advance that the CES have already awarded, so it is a matter of time to start seeing this type of optical gadgets in the terminals of other manufacturers.

What do you think of this technology? Would you like to see terminals arrive soon?