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How to put all the images of the same size in Word

Inside the application package Office, a compilation of different applications developed for work in the office produced by Microsoft, is included Microsoft Word application. Being this one of the most popular, not to say directly that it is the most popular writing application in the world.

This is because the developer has put enough effort into polishing every possible detail that its users need. Improving in each version the characteristics of this writing application. Now, if you are one of the users who carry out their writing activities through this application, this guide may be helpful.

Supposing you need to reduce the size of all images that you have placed in your Word file. Either by mere aesthetics when writing or to shrink the volume of the file. In this short guide we will show you how to do it. You just have to follow the next steps.

Steps to follow to reduce the size of all images at the same time in Word

Open the Word document (to which we will modify its images) be the first step to follow. And with the file open, we will have to enter at Image Tools – Format. This option will appear at the top of the toolbar (in red) when we select any image from the file.

Within this section of the toolbar and with any image selected. We will have to explore the Word application until we find an option called Compress images. This is usually located in the upper left of the screen, within the box of Settings.

They will immediately have to open a small popup window with a couple of image compression options. In that window you will have to make the necessary modifications to meet your objectives. But, the main thing that you will have to modify, is in the section of Apply to.

Because in that section we will determine that the reduction will be applied to all images of the document. In this way, you should only check the option that says: All Images in the Document. In addition, we recommend that you click on the option of On web or screen. Because this option gives all your images the optimal resolution to be sent by email. Nothing more, nothing less. But, since this reduction option clearly depends on the user's need, you can select the one you prefer.

Once you have finished configuring the image reduction process, you will have to click on the button To accept. This will trigger a pop-up sale with a warning message. This way you will be informed that the procedure reduce the size of the images and therefore, its quality.

It only remains to press on the button Apply and the process of reducing the size of the images will begin. And after a couple of seconds of waiting, we will be done! Taking no more than 5 minutes to perform the entire procedure. Now you know how to reduce the size of all Word images!