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How to make personalized Christmas videos for free

Christmas is almost here, so why not think about sending a Navideo video to your loved ones? There are several websites that allow you to create great personalized videos that you can share with friends and family, including the North North Pole, Elf Yourself and much more.

Read on to discover the best apps to make personalized Christmas videos for free.

Merry Christmas!

PNP: Portable North Pole

This has been one of our favorite apps to make Christmas congratulations for several years. If you have never tried it, you should do it. The videos change every year, and they are great.

This year there are three free videos available – for children, adults and birthdays. There are also 12 Premium videos that you can unlock, with only 6.99 payments for each or 8.99 for full access to all of them.

If you don't want to use a PC and a web browser, you can download the North Pole Portable application to iOS Y Android, which allows you to create excellent videos from your mobile phone or tablet

It is a simple process, just click on Customize in the video message you prefer and follow the instructions on the screen. You must enter the name of the recipient, their sex, a photograph, their date of birth, their place of residence and your relationship with him or her.

You also have to decide if they have been naughty or good, choose what they do on a daily basis and what has been the target of the recipients for the year. Then you can choose a gift that they would like to receive.

When you're done, you'll get a preview of the video and then you can select an email address to send it to.

Elf Yourself

Another fun personalized video is Elf Yourself, which is more suitable for groups of friends or families than the North Pole Porttil, which is designed for a single individual.

Simply add up to five portraits dressed as elves doing a cheerful dance. Even the one or the one who is having a horrible day can get a small smile to see this funny video.