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The Galaxy Home Mini will come out this year with a focus on privacy »ERdC

The Galaxy Home Mini will come out this year with a focus on privacy

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Samsung first announced your Galaxy Home smart speaker in 2018. This line of devices includes the Galaxy Home and Galaxy Home Mini. The company was also expected will launch these smart speakers over the past year. However, this is something that clearly did not happen. By not getting any kind of information from the company, many means They were already labeling the product as "vaporware". Time later, Samsung in a call for calm assured that the device was being optimized. The Korean tech giant has finally revealed that the smart speaker Galaxy Home Mini will be launched during this year 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini will finally come out this year

The foregoing was disclosed in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) This year in Las Vegas. The tech giant specified that the Galaxy Home Mini will launch at the beginning of this year 2020. However, the company He said nothing about the Galaxy Home speaker, That seems to have been discontinued.

The Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker try to enter a market that today is a bit saturated. The industry is currently dominated by the loudspeakers of Google Home and Amazon Echo. However, Samsung believes they may have your own niche within the entire device ecosystem smart for home. There are a couple of factors that should work in favor of Samsung, such as Bixby smart assistant that enhance the "Smart" functions of the speaker.

Focus on privacy and voice commands

Samsung says the smart speaker be different from others. East focus on voice commands instead of a seemingly continuous conversation between you and the smart speaker. Also want to be able to focus more on the hardware itself than on the information that can be obtained of the user and its interaction with the product. The speaker could also connect all Samsung devices through SmartThings. In fact it could be a central hub for all your smart home devices.

Samsung also says that consumer privacy be in the foreground. They ensure that all user information will not have to leave the device and go to a cloud. Samsung is going to adopt a more direct approach when it comes to consumer data, Unlike Google and Amazon, which rely heavily on data collection on how their consumers use the smart speaker and digital assistant to provide better services. Being a hardware company, Samsung believes that Can minimize data exchange.

The company I did not announce a specific date yet When will it finally enter the market?

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