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The app to control every detail of the personalization of your mobile

MyWall for Android

If you are one of those who can not stand more than a week with the same appearance on the home screen of your mobile, I fear that today we bring you good news. From time to time we are lucky to witness the arrival of new customization tools for Android, which allow us to take advantage of one of the best qualities of our favorite operating system. And today is one of those days.

The app in question is My wall, a utility developed by Giorgio Cantoni, which allows manage wallpaper of your mobile in ways you probably never imagined.

My Wall, the ultimate (and free) wallpaper manager

The perfect app if you want to control to the last detail of the personalization of your mobile

The perfect app if you want to control to the last detail of the personalization of your mobile

As soon as you open the app for the first time, it already stands out for its fantastic design, which perfectly uses elements of the Material Design language such as animations or the lower toolbar with a central floating button.

In addition, its operation is simple. On the home screen we find the wallpaper that we have configured at that time on our device, along with various tools that we can use. Starting from the left, we are offered the possibility of share the background image with other people through any application – for example, using WhatsApp – or save it to a cloud storage unit.

In second place appears the one that, in my opinion, is the most interesting function of My Wall. It is a panel of wallpaper statistics, which shows what are the colors that appear in the background image, ordered according to their importance or presence. This feature is useful, for example, when develop a theme for the home screen, since we can choose the exact colors of the widgets or icons to match those of the wallpaper, since My Wall offers us the hexadecimal codes of each tone.

In addition, this statistics panel also allows generate a circular chart in which the dominant colors of the wallpaper are represented, or the possibility of export color palette in a document of type CSV –Comma Separated Values-.

The perfect app if you want to control to the last detail of the personalization of your mobile

The perfect app if you want to control to the last detail of the personalization of your mobile

If we continue to review the tools of the lower bar, we find the function Blur, which enables blur wallpaper at the desired level A good way to take advantage of this function is use the original background on the lock screen, and the same image, out of focus, in the home screen, to improve the visibility of widgets, status bar elements and icons.

Finally, we found the button of Filters, which allows two different styles to be applied to the image: grayscale and filter offset. Once the desired image has been obtained, just touch the blue floating button to save the wallpaper

My Wall can be downloaded totally free on Google Play Store, it is compatible with any device as long as it has a version of the system equal to or greater than Android 6.0 Mashmallow and is extremely light – once installed it hardly takes up 2 MB. So you have no excuse not to install it, and start experimenting using the different tools offered with one of the images of our mobile wallpaper top.

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