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Huawei may sell desktop computers »ERdC

Huawei may sell desktop computers

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According to a new report, Huawei has initiated a market investigation where the object to be covered are desktop computers. Huawei has a wide arsenal of electronic products; which range from Smartphone, tablets, laptops and many others. Desktop computers may be joining the set of products distributed by the company; being this other area in which Huawei bets to invest.

Huawei MateBook series laptops were very well received by the buyers who purchased them. Currently these Huawei computers are the only products of the brand to be compatible with Microsoft's Windows operating system. In the past Huawei had launched desktop computers; However, these were exclusive to commercial companies. Therefore, the next desktop computers of the brand; they will surely be the first of the company that are aimed at conventional consumers.

The news about the market research that Huawei is doing; were shared on the web by a Weibo user. Along with it, it was also reported that the company is in a survey job. Surveys are being conducted through invitations to several volunteers; These are asked to give their views and requirements on the construction of a computer. Possibly the company is already in the development of PC prototypes.

The publication in the chinese microblogging website I also shared the possible technical specifications of Huawei desktop computers. The computer will be equipped with the Kunpeng 920S processor; This is a local manufacturing processor from Huawei. The computer will admit up to 64 GB of RAM. It also presents a dedicated graphics card that indicates that it could be a gaming desktop; or maybe offered in specialized variants for games.

Because commercial computers have been successful in different corporations; The company has in mind to increase production capacity to meet market demand. So far Huawei has not made the news official and there are no concrete confirmations; Therefore, these are simple rumors, however, they are rumors that are quite strong.

We will have to wait to see what statements Huawei issues about this news. Until then we will be in the expectation of whether Huawei has in its plans to expand its product range. Before any new news, we will be attentive to inform.


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