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Huawei launch its replacement to Google services at the end of 2019 »ERdC

Huawei launch its replacement to Google services at the end of 2019

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Since the beginning of this year, Huawei bean faced complications with the United States government regarding reasons of national data security. Since then, the company has faced to a commercial ban in the country This had led Huawei to lose partners like Google (Android support) and ARM (chipsets). Therefore, the company has been looking to be increasingly independent of Western corporations.

This brings us the most recent events and developments around this situation. Huawei is ready to Finish your replacement of Google Services on your Android devices.

The Huawei Mobile Services will be presented before the end of 2019

As reported, Huawei move forward with your own services and replace Google services by 2020 in your smart phones. The new replacement is called Huawei Mobile Services and will be launched at the end of 2019. The Chinese tech giant has been working in the service for a while, so the company could be functionally self-sufficient and less dependent.

According to a recent report, Huawei CEO and Honor India, Charles Peng, spoke with the media about the ecosystem of applications of the next services. In other words, the company seeks to attract the developers of the 150 best applications in India to ensure availability of these in the company's phones also without any problem of operation. This is done since the lack of Google services means that there is no Google Play Store. Therefore, attract several developers to your proprietary store It is crucial to the success of the Services Huawei phones.

Availability of applications in the Huawei store

Also India is the second largest smartphone market in the world. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and ms are extremely popularwhose applications They are not supported or included natively in the app store from Huawei. Therefore, to assist in the transition of Google's services to its own, Huawei must also include popular applications and features in its services.

The success of Google in its services lies in its very united ecosystem that includes applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Play Store and more. Huawei needs to find suitable and effective replacements so that these few crucial applications are better received by the large user base. So far, the company has confirmed alternatives to navigation, payments, games and messages. They will debut on their HMS platform at the end of 2019.

Remains to be seen how well Huawei's new mobile services are implemented. At the moment this development is the only conventional alternative viable to Google. Historically, the search engine giant has had dominion in this field and has not yet been overthrown.


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