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How many units have been sold of the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X?

Huawei says that Mate X, its first foldable phone, is selling at an approximate rate of 100,000 units monthly since it went on sale in China last November. The information, published by Android Central, follows in the wake of the statements issued by the South Korean executive DJ Koh, who said, in statements to the news agency Yonhap, that Samsung had managed to sell between 400,000 and 500,000 units of the Galaxy Fold since its commercial launch in September.

The statements of DJ Koh were preceded by an assertion by the executive Young Sohn, who incorrectly claimed that Samsung had sold 1 million Galaxy Fold since it went on sale in September. The information was subsequently denied by the company, ensuring that it was an error on the part of the manager.

A year full of obstacles

Samsung Galaxy Fold

If the account is started from the initial announcement, both the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold will celebrate their first anniversary next February. In the case of Samsung, the commercial launch should have started in May, but a series of breaks in the units assigned in advance to the American press and certain influencers forced Samsung to temporarily cancel the sale of the product, evaluate what happened and make some corrections in the design of the equipment.

Huawei, meanwhile, failed to put the Mate X in the hands of the press or consumers. However, after the incidents recorded by the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company decided to delay the commercial launch of the same programmed, initially, for the month of July.

Throughout the month of February, Samsung and Huawei may present new smartphones with folding screens.

Once summer is over, Both manufacturers progressively began selling their products. In the case of Samsung, the Galaxy Fold reached various countries throughout September and October. In the case of Huawei, however, the marketing did not start until November, and it did so exclusively in its native country (China).

Throughout the month of February It is expected that both companies will continue to develop the concept of folding telephone through new products such as the rumored Galaxy Z Flip that adopt the historic shell format and the Mate XS that be a refined and updated version of the Mate X presented in 2019.

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