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What is Email Marketing and SMS Marketing?

When it comes to getting our products or services to a customer, digital strategies are usually a fundamental pillar of any company. In addition to social networks or positioning, one of the keys lies in the Email Marketing, and perhaps to a lesser extent, in the SMS Marketing; Two fundamentals that you may have heard about and that you may be interested in.

To be clear from the beginning, this type of advertising is designed for companies or companies that want to communicate with their customers: send promotions (even personalized), inform about news and similar campaigns.

What is Email Marketing?

multiple email accounts on iOS 11

Starting with the basic, the Email Marketing It is something like a mass mailing exercise that a company sends to all its subscribers, sending the same campaign to all customers at once, or customized based on different criteria (in the case of an online store, for example, customers who have not bought X months, new customer …).

It should be noted that in Email Marketing, the user has previously transferred the data in order to receive said emails (through a registration, a purchase, being a customer of the company, etc …). Therefore, we are not facing an intrusive or spam system.

What is SMS Marketing?

The idea of SMS Marketing It is very similar to Email Marketing, but using SMS messages: it consists of sending business-to-customer communications via SMS.

However, perhaps the SMS Marketing campaigns are already in more disuse compared to those of Email, at least in Spain (although personally, this Christmas I have received a couple), and you are betting on other more modern services such as WhatsApp Business, if It seems that it has not yet finished entering the sector.

Great advantages of both strategies

If you are mainly committed to developing a digital marketing plan, it is because of its enormous flexibility, lower costs and the ability to measure results in real time.

Why is it cheaper? At the outset, we save the production costs (printing, logistics) and shipping that we will have to face if we use traditional commercial mail.

Why is it more comfortable? Both for the client and for the company, the email gives us more possibilities: from including links for the user to access a web page to including videos that enhance the campaign. And in addition, most users usually check their email regularly so it is very likely to access the content.

Measure the impact in real time You can show how the strategy is working, know if users interact with email, how many customers find out about promotions or news through it … and other information that can help shape future promotions and reinforce the points that are best working (or the worst ones).

Today, that everyone who has an intelligent mobile phone has an email (and a phone number for SMS) is certainly interesting to explore these communication routes precisely for all the benefits we have discussed before.