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Ubis Dimension takes you to a casual platform in another dimension

Ubi’s Dimension is a new casual for Android in which we have to help Ubi to finish those 50 levels that let us play for free to the first. A title of unquestionable quality, but in which we have to take our time to investigate and complete each level.

50 levels designed by hand in which we have to help Ubi simply by moving it through those platforms We have to turn until we find the path that will take you to the end of the level. A game with a good design in the graphics and that is also able to capture our sound attention if we put on the headphones.

Following in the wake of others

Ubi´s Dimension

Visually you can approach Monument Valley for those gradients and those pastel tones that get our attention. As everything usually comes to us visually, Ubi’s Dimension knows how to play its cards to catch you with the curious design of the protagonist and that hypnotizing soundtrack that takes us through a rather striking experience.

The levels have their thing, and we say it because there are very easy and others in which we are going to see our poor protagonist falling towards infinity again and again. Practically the gameplay is based on turning the camera to see the whole perspective of the platform and thus check if our prota can continue walking.

The corners and straight sides usually lead us to the fall of Ubi, while the curves in those peaks lead us to this character can continue his way until he finds that light that means the end of the level. The problem is that sometimes we fail to find a way to continue until we turn the camera enough and try once after another.

Try again and again in Ubi’s Dimension

Ubi´s Dimension

That is, the thing is to go using the controls that we have at the bottom of the screen. On the right side we have the two buttons to turn left or right perspective, while on the other side we have the back button.

So we will complete levels until we face with some level that almost gave us to send it to hell. The truth is that sometimes it is not explained visually well where we have to go, so there is nothing left to try and try until our poor Ubi I can continue on my way.

Everybody Ubi’s Dimension levels are designed by hand and that is why we are allowed to try some and then have to pay to continue playing. That is, we are not facing a freemium game, but premium, but with a multi-level trial. So we can try it and decide if it is worth paying the 3.99 euros that they ask us to try to finish it.

A casual puzzle for moments

Ubi´s Dimension

We strongly recommend the use of headphones to get drunk. for the experience that this title offers. The issue of the difficulty of the levels and how little progressive it is leaves us a little weird. That is, you will have the feeling that it is very easy at certain times and in others that you do not understand what you have to do so that Ubi Find the end

Visually it is very well worked and we highlight the design of the levels and the same character. Those gradients with pastel tones also put their own to achieve a more than pleasant experience for our expert eye. We are left with the atmosphere created by the ambient sound that puts the icing on the cake.