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Malware in the Play Store?

Malware in the Play Store

Already a week ago, seven long days that from here Androidsis denounced the possible irregularities by an Android application developer, which, apparently and always speaking supposedly with the scan data that they mark us as infected all the analyzed applications of said developer.

A developer that today,(Just before writing this post I have checked again), are still available for download from any type of Android device, including that of our children.

Following this alert that arose after the recommendation of a time application that quickly happens to be removed from Androidsisvideo's YouTube channel, All the applications I download to recommend or teach them what they offer us the steps to analyze through, and it is for this reason that the next day or a couple of days at most the alarm went off again with a music equalization application.

Seeing that Google in principle ignores these security alerts sent by Androidsis users, I entered the contact form via the web to proceed to the complaint of the aforementioned application of time adding in observations that apparently that is the developer's modus operanding in all the applications that I have been able to analyze through

The fact is that after more than 48 hours that I made the complaint through the web form, and after notification that a person in charge of Google would contact me before those two days, I have decided to publish this post to put you on notice or rather on ALERT and advise you not to download or install any of the applications of this HowarJran At least until we receive a response from a person in charge of Google that confirms whether the applications are clean or not trusted.

By clicking on this link you can see the applications of HowarJran, applications that I analyze in a video and that At least we can say that they are suspicious and not advisable applications for installation on Android.

In this link you can see how the second application that days later also alerted us as infected, after the corresponding user complaints remain available in the Google Play Store

Then I leave you in order of publication the videos that I have been uploading to the Androidsisvideo channel on YouTube where We report this anomaly in the Google app store, which after its complaint a week ago, we still do not receive a response from any person responsible for Mountain View.

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