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Instagram activates the direct message option on the computer

Instagram confirmed that it is testing the messenger option on the desktop, although with a limited group of users. It is similar to mobile devices, but not identical.

As with a phone, users can see their inbox with unread messages in the upper right of the screen, where the paper plane icon is located.

The test function also allows you to respond and approve with a Like by double clicking. In addition, you can send photos privately.

Since the desktop computer does not have the ability to take the photos taken by a mobile camera, they can be copied and pasted in the message field.

"We hope this gives people, creators and companies easier access to their messages so they can keep in touch with the friends and followers they care about," he told the site. Digital Trends An Instagram representative.

The possibility of sending a message from a user's profile page and the alternative of sharing a news section publication confidentially will also be part of the computer version.

According to the media, the stories of the social network focused on photography and short videos have already made the leap to the desktop and, thanks to the option of sending messages, users will also be able to respond to them.

Instagram began testing the direct messenger on the desktop internally in 2019. While the application allows users to access messages anywhere, desktop access can be more convenient for writing a large number of messages, as is the case of influential people who respond to the fantastic, or to share images stored on the computer, he concluded.

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