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Influencers can no longer promote vapers, tobacco and weapons on Instagram

International.- The influencers are one of the main figures on Instagram and it is that this social network is the platform that will have the leadership in what Influencer Marketing refers to, since, daily, it is reviewed by 400 million users. After the news that now you can not see the likes in the publications, a new varapalo has emerged for influencers since they can not announce vapers, weapons or tobacco.

Under the slogan “Instagram is not only a place of inspiration but also a place of action”, Facebook, owner of the social network, the social network recently implemented the option of being able to buy on Instagram through the promoted content of influencers, becoming as the social network in a powerful advertising platform.

This restriction will occur from 2020

But Instagram takes great care of its image and, above all, the image it projects and, in these times, this control is maximum. Now, the social network has announced “new ways to support brand content, including a test in the Facebook Brand Collaborator Manager”.

So Facebook, owner of Instagram has made it clear that “brand content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons will not be allowed. Our advertising policies have long banned the advertising of these products, and we will begin to apply them in the coming weeks. ” So from 2020, that policy of tolerance 0 against tobacco and weapons will be reinforced and influencers will not be able to make announcements about this.

The advertising of alcoholic beverages will also be controlled

The announcement of alcoholic beverages or diet products is also controlled, since, as they have expressed from the social network, “brand content that promotes goods such as alcohol or dietary supplements require special restrictions”.

On Facebook, they are building specific tools to help creators comply with these new policies, including the ability to restrict who can view their content based on age.

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