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How to easily transfer all your data from Android to iPhone

At a time when we usually change our smartphone every two or three years (some even before), it is not surprising that we end up getting tired of the tedious process of starting from scratch to the brand new terminal. Yes in your case you have an iPhone and you come from an Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, bq, Sony, Wiko, etc …) You may be interested to know that there is an official Apple application that saves us a lot of time when we pass our data from the old device to the new one.

The tool, as we say, is developed by Apple itself and as expected goat, is designed so that its use is extremely simple. And to make it seem even easier, in the following lines we explain how it works.

Migrating your data from Android to iPhone or iPad in a few steps

Go ahead that when we refer to iPhone we also include the iPad, since it is also possible to transfer the data to the Apple tablet.

Thus, the steps we will follow will be the following:

  1. In the initial iPhone setup (when you start it for the first time) you will reach an option called Transfer from Android which you will have to select. We parked the iPhone for a moment.
  2. Go to phone Android and download the app Move to iOS (Transfer to iOS) on Google Play.
  3. In the Android, go to the settings Wi-Fi and connect to the network created by the iPhone (the password is the same as the network name).
  4. Open the app Move to iOS, accept the Terms and conditionsand the permissions.
  5. Tap on Next to ask you to introduce the code What do you see on the iPhone.
  6. Once entered, you can select what type of files to keep and start the transfer of information.
  7. When finished, you will have the data of the Android device on the iPhone.

With this, when starting the iPhone you will have taken a shortcut in this to set up the mobile, especially if you do not want to warm your head by copying your data one by one or through several applications, or turning them into a computer to then move them to the new terminal . By the way, the files are not deleted from the original computer.

Copy contacts, photos, videos and ms

And this app recovers the contacts, message history (SMS), camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, email accounts and calendars. If you also want to keep WhatsApp conversations you will have to go to the WhatsApp app itself and make a backup in the Chats section of the app.

What we will have to download manually will be the apps we had in the old mobile, and probably the bookmarks of third-party browsers that you can recover by logging in to them. Moreover, if we have purchased an application on Google Play on Android, we will have to pay for it again on iOS (unless the app uses its own registration and collection system).

Another detail that you should keep in mind is that Move to iOS is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, so older phones may not support the app (we talked about 2012 phones back, approximately).