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Typical mistakes when buying a laptop that many make

mistakes when buying a laptop

When you are looking for a new laptop, you should not just get carried away by the physical. It is also important that you know everything it offers inside to see if it adapts or not to your needs, in addition to the price, so you do not run out of savings. To help you with this difficult task such as choosing a laptop, we have decided to show you below, the typical mistakes when buying a laptop that many make so that it does not happen to you (once again). As the saying "mistakes are learned"

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Buy the cheapest model

The cheapest computer may be an easy option, but it probably won't have all the features you need and probably won't last as long as you want.

For example, imagine that you are doubting between a dual-core processor and a quad-core. In your case, you want to run many applications at once, but you choose the dual-core processor because it is a bit less expensive. Well, you will have a system that, in the end, does not cover your needs and that problem will make you, in the end, buy a new computer.

So, instead of opting for the lowest price, it is best to find a laptop that really meets your expectations. And a good way to start your search is to know exactly what you need. So make a list of the essential features, then check that list with the spec sheets of each model.

Pay too much

rumors macbook wwdc pro 2016 hero 1200x9999 720x720

A good example is the MacBook 2016 models with the touch bar. The Touch Bar is a new piece of technology that has got many people excited to see what it offers.

However, the Touch Bar has ended up being a bit controversial. Everyone does not like it and some users consider it more problematic than it is worth. Thus, people who chose to upgrade by acquiring a new MacBook only for their Touch Bar have ended up realizing that it was a purchase made out of pure emotion.

Buy a laptop "for today"

It is an old advice, but totally true. Unless you're obsessed with the latest technology and newer models (some of us have a good excuse) a new laptop will probably last at least a few years. That means that instead of buying a laptop for today, you should buy one thinking about where you will be in a couple of years.

The classic example is the university student who has not yet graduated, but who has decided to buy a new laptop.

While it may be tempting to buy a laptop with your current interests in mind, however, that will be a serious mistake. Universities have many technical tools for students to use.

When it comes to a personal laptop, it is better to think about buying a computer for the job you would like to have or perform after graduating. That often means focusing more on a business laptop with the right capabilities for a professional environment.

Also, this advice goes hand in hand with the "buy the cheapest model available". For example, the new Microsoft Surface Laptop can be purchased for $ 1,000 dollars. However, the base model has only 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB hard drive. These features will limit its long-term appeal, since you will quickly run out of hard disk space. So opting for a model with a larger hard drive will be a good idea.

Ignore ports and compatibility

common mistakes laptop purchase dell xps 13 screen ports1 1500x1000Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Not all laptops include the necessary ports. Do you need a card reader? And how about three USB ports? The current trend is towards the extinction of ports. But what if you use Apple products? So a Thunderbolt 3 port can be a priority to do things. Or maybe you have an external hard drive with USB 2.0 ports. If so, the new USB 3.0 Type-C ports may not work for you.