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New modes, weapons and maps in season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty has positioned itself as the best game For Android today, according to popular opinion, and it is not for less, since the developers have done an incredible job with the development of this title. The graphics, the animations, the gameplay … the whole environment of COD Mobile is fantastic. And from the best to the best, the next one is being prepared update which starts the new season of Battle Royale.

The third season is speculated to come, according to the developers, to mid-January, more specifically the gives 17while the servers they wait for him January 20.

The update is packed with news. Among them, new maps have been revealed, new ranks for both the Battle Royale and multiplayer modes, new game modes, multiple challenges such as the hunt for scuba diving, the sniper challenge, and a surprise by way of Scorestreak to cheer up Many fans of COD Black Ops 2.

The Dragonfire MQ-27 fighter drone from the Black Ops 2 universe arrive at COD Mobile

The MQ-27 Dragonfire is a combat drone of Black Ops 2 that comes equipped with a machine gun and a rocket armament. Players can use the drone and fly it to the enemy hiding place to receive him with a lethal attack by surprise.

Update loaded with news

Call of Duty Mobile developers have revealed that a new map from Scrapyard to multiplayer mode in the third season. This map is based on the classic Modern Warfare 2 three-lane map and promises abundant fun for those looking for a melee style.

Another limited time mode that comes in season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile is the so-called Rapid fire, which give players the opportunity to play with infinite municin: bullets, grenades, artillery …

Another novelty of this season according to leaks are two new weapons: the assault rifle G36C and the sniper rifle 50 gauge barrett, that surely does not leave indifferent neither the most novice gamers, nor the most experienced. Besides, there will also be a lot of masks, items Y rewards new, many of them are coming very juicy, although, for now, there are waiting a few days until the update officially comes out and we can try it first hand.

As we have said, for now we can only wait for the update to come out, which certainly promises us a good dose of fun to those who like this kind of games. Let it be brief.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile