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Fortnite Week 5, Season 9: Visit different wind turbines in the same game

The challenges of week five of season nine of Fortnite They are already among us. Unlike the week, the challenges of the Battle Royale video game are quite standard, but fun enough to be worth doing and get the rewards. Our guide will focus on the “Visit different wind turbines in the same game” challenge, including tips so you can complete the objective in the shortest possible time, like all the locations you should find. But before you start, be sure to see the full list of challenges below.

Fortnite Week 5, Season 9 Challenges

fortnite week 5 season 9 wind turbines and licas 1

You can see all the challenges in our capture up here to go ready. As usual, there are a total of seven objectives, three of them available to all while the other four are only for those who own the battle pass.

The challenge of the wind turbines that we are covering this week is one of the exclusive ones, so you will need the pass to complete it. If you still don't have it, you should start considering it, since we are in the middle of the season.

Desafo visits different wind turbines in the same game

fortnite week 5 season 9 wind turbines and licas 2

This challenge takes you to visit different wind turbines in the same game. Fortunately, they are all in the same general area, so it is completely achieved even if you are on foot. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

First, you will have to do this in one of the modes with large teams, such as Team Rumble, as you will need as much time as possible before the storm approaches. If you manage to get a vehicle, they will help you even more to navigate the map. We also recommend that you activate the Party Assist so that your teammates can complete this challenge with you. This will make it much easier as it is a single game.

Recommended lay turbinesfortnite week 5 season 9 wind turbines and licas 3

The five we recommend visiting are the five that form the silhouette of a star around Pleasant Park. There are two turbines that are far south in comparison to the rest, and we recommend that you ignore them so that you do not get as far from the road. What you should do from the beginning is to land in Pleasant Park or one of the five turbines to start the challenge.

From there, you can go find a vehicle or just run through the place, visiting the turbines along the way. In our experience, you should get as close as possible to each turbine to make it work. Some will be inaccessible, so make sure you get materials to create a ramp to them.

We were able to stand up without problems using materials. The storm approached just when we were about to finish it, so while it is possible, we recommend that you look for a Baller vehicle to make it easier. Once you receive the notification that you obtained the five wind turbines, you can leave the game or finish it.

Visit Reward for different turbines in the same game

fortnite week 5 season 9 wind turbines and licas 1

Once you leave the game, you will receive your reward for the challenge. Epic Games will benefit you with 10 battle stars, enough to guarantee the leveling of a tier.

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