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8 apps and websites to write the letter to the Magi

On January 5, the Magi from the East begin their journey to bring gifts to hundreds of children around the world, but first, we must tell them what we want them to give us, and for this we must write the letter to the Magi.

In the era of technology, writing the letter on paper is outdated (but there are exceptions), so we have set out to find applications and websites to send the letter to the Magi.

There are hundreds of ways to let the Magi know what gifts we want, from drawing our toys, to video calls with their majesties, recording them an audio, calling them, etc. Everything is possible with current technology.

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Department of extraordinary shipments, a Post Office

The Spanish parcel company, Correos, created the department of extraordinary shipping for these special dates for some time and in order to enhance the illusion of the smallest of the house.

It is a website where we are informed of the location of the Magi and how we can go to visit them. This year, the extraordinary shipping department opens its stalls at the Palacio de Cibeles, in Madrid.

His majesties will be there until January 5. Once they collect the letters (on paper) and wishes, they will fly to the East, prepare everything, and begin their journey around the world to deliver the gifts.

On the web we leave under these lines are all the details of the event, including the schedules, instructions, specific address, etc. Entry to the site is free.

Web: Department of extraordinary shipments

The call of the Magi, an initiative of El Corte Ingls

As we say in the title, it is a website under the orders of The English Court. Through this website, we can access a world full of fantasy where everything is possible and adults become children again, and children can be more children than ever.

When accessing the web (we recommend doing it from a mobile), we see how the Magi are waiting for us impatiently, but now it is the turn of the adults, since the phone must be configured to make the call possible. Keep in mind that the Magi use a very cutting-edge technology.

Web: The Call of the Magi

  1. After entering the web, we must click on "Illusion changes everything".

Image - 8 apps and websites to write the letter to the Magi