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The most downloaded Android games of the last decade

Most downloaded games of the decade for Android

A span of 10 years goes a long way in technological matters, and being the videogames a derivative of it could not be different. The pace of development of this market is so big, what is positioned above other industries of entertainment in a few years, such as music, movies and television.

A large part of the responsibility for this growth goes hand in hand with the expansion of the mobile sector, specifically smartphones and tablets. Who does not have at least one game installed on his phone? Surely everyone, to hang out in a waiting room or while we are in public transport.

So, why not mix both markets (mobile and games), and remember these ten years in a great way? In Androidphoria we love tops, and that's why we have gone out to investigate a bit to show you what they are the most downloaded Android games of the decade that is about to end.

8 Ball pool, bringing billiards to the masses

8 ball pool miniclip "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

The number 10 position is occupied by The only sports game on this list, 8 Ball Pool. The Swiss developer Miniclip launched it in October 2010, through different platforms, such as Facebook, web, iOS and Android.

8 Ball pool It is not a game that surprises too much regarding graphics or gameplay. However, their cross play Between platforms, there is always someone available to play, and we don't have to wait.

The game has several modalities, both individual game and tournament, and we walk through different pool clubs in the world to demonstrate our skills in billiards. To be the best, we can improve our statistics, through the acquisition of better tacos. The game is free, is available in the Play Store, and has integrated purchases.

8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool

Fruit Ninja, the best fruit salad

Fruit ninja Halfbrick Android "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

Swipe our fingers frantically on the mobile screen to try cut the fruits that appear, avoiding the unwanted bombs that end our fun. The objective? Get the longest combo, or be the king of the score board among our friends.

We talk about Fruit ninja, a game that does not need any presentation, and that drove everyone crazy equally. The success is such that, on many occasions, we could see stands of this application in shopping centers with huge rows of children and adults. It is free, and available for Windows, Xbox 360 with Kinect, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and even in the ancient Bada and Symbian, another example of how important it is, and why it has achieved such fame.

Fruit ninja Fruit ninja

Minion Rush, our favorite villains

Minion Rush endless running "width =" 1200 "height =" 600