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The best tablets to give away: Christmas 2015


The best tablets to give away: Christmas 2015

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November 29, 2015

Although we still have the parties at a distance, surely many of you, the most predictable at least, have already begun to think about your gifts, so we have decided to leave you with the tablet guide for Christmas of this year and lend a hand if you are undecided and it still costs you choose a model with which to give a joy to another person, or to put on your list. And don't worry because we have good options for all budgets and for all needs (We start with the most expensive tablets but, do not despair, if you keep going down you will arrive at cheaper models). These are ours recommendations.

Large but safe investments

Let's start with the suggestions addressed to those who are really going to use their tablet to work and study, in addition to playing and browsing, or for those who directly want renew your laptop and this year the land of professional and hybrid tablets It is one of the best things that have left us, including the first tablet of this type of Manzana, the iPad Pro. We recommend above all that when choosing you think about the size of the screen (should be large) and in the accessories (A keyboard is practically essential). You have to go prepared, yes, because they are of the most expensive tablets that we can find, though, as we show you in this selection, there are some relatively affordable options.

Surface Windows 10 Edge Tablet Zone

If you can afford it, in any case, our recommendation is, without surprises, the Surface Pro 4. Moreover, already involved in expenses, we would even tell you that it is a good idea to spend 100 euros more and get the model that arrives with Intel Core i5 processor. What we can assure you, if you are willing to make the investment, that you could hardly do with a better tablet: its finishes they are impeccable, the screen it's spectacular and, of course, nothing to envy a laptop in terms of power, in addition to the fact that if we are really going to use it to work, it doesn't hurt to have an operating system that can run PC applications. The new Type Cover (a highly recommended accessory even for a Surface Pro 3) is also one of the best keyboards of this type we have tried.

Authentic Tablets

If we are willing to make a significant investment, but not as much as buying a Surface Pro, or if we are simply looking for a more conventional tablet, in 2015 a few high-end models that can become real luxury gifts have come to light and that they lend themselves without problems to any type of use we want to give them, as is the case with the Xperia Z4 Tablet Or the Surface 3. Even some models from last year, like the iPad Air 2 (which has not found a substitute in 2015) and the Nexus 9 (which is significantly cheaper) if we prefer Android, they are still an interesting alternative.

Galaxy Tab S2 white

In any case, if we had to recommend only one of them, our option would be the Galaxy Tab S2, halfway by price between them, but as good or better than any of them in practically all sections, although it is undeniable that what stands out most is in screen, and not only because of its high resolution (something in which they match it or exceed almost all of its price range), but its performance is spectacular also in contrasts, brightness and other parameters. It is also an incredibly slender device, very compact, lightweight and surprisingly thin.

The best of compact tablets

If money is not a problem but size is, and we want it, it is a high-end compact tablet, there is no shortage of candidates. In addition to the 8-inch version of the Galaxy Tab S2, to which all the good things we have said about the 9.7-inch one apply, it is also worth taking into account especially the ZenPad S 8.0, something cheaper than average, and with characteristics at the highest level and a very careful design. Also in this case we may be interested to keep an eye on some releases from last year, since the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, although it has a slightly lower resolution than the others, it is still a very good device and can be found with more interesting prices.

iPad mini 4 white