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The 5 best YouTube videos to celebrate Christmas 2019

best videos youtube celebrate christmas 2019

Christmas arrived, and after a night of lots of food, drink and party, the safest thing is that this December 25 you want to rest at home with the family. The plan? Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix, remember your playlist of the year on Spotify, or why not? Enjoying some YouTube video.

Especially for that last one is that this post exists. We know you are exhausted, and getting to look for something good to see and comment can be tedious. For that reason, we show you the 5 best YouTube videos to celebrate Christmas, edition 2019.

What will Christmas be without Mariah Carey?

This is an interesting issue, because there is no more iconic song at this time of year than All I want for Christmas is you. Lay’s knows, and that’s why it leads us to wonder What does Mariah Carey expect most this Christmas? A great video where our favorite Christmas singer shows us the importance of share and give joy at this time, but hears! Not applicable for french fries.

Let the imagination fly

One of the coolest ads this year invites us to let the imagination fly at Christmas. In it, a father imagines what will happen if he gives his daughter a battery. The great thing is that everything gets out of control when it is that he starts playing and the house becomes a whole stage where father and daughter rock until they are tired.

We don't know how Argos and The & Parntership They made this video look so good. But we know two things, they got a lot of creativity, and you can surely do the same at home using Alexa or Google Home.

At Christmas, release the screen and come back to reality

The next video on this list is a very tough critique that HP makes to today's society. In it, it invite us to reflect about the amount of time we spend glued to a mobile, or to any type of screen in general, and everything we lose from life because of it.

So, What happens if we give the real world a chance? In the video, it translates to a lot of fun between friends and family, as well as sharing the Navideo spirit and good wishes to all.

Technology separates, but sometimes unites

If the previous video was about the dangers of being absorbed by technology, it speaks of the opposite. In it, a couple of brothers go and visit their mother at Christmas, and both give her a cell phone. But then, Where is the interesting thing? It turns out that these brothers have a river and have not seen each other for a while.

The roll is such that the first brother decides to leave his mother's house when the second is about to arrive. However, both reflect on their dispute, and deep down they want it resolved and come back to be as close as before. The mother does it how? Calling both of them on the mobile.

The biggest prize is to share it

Now that we are talking about union, sharing and family, the last video of this YouTube navideo list seems perfect. Nothing more and nothing less than one of the 4 advertising spots that launched the National Lottery of Spain to promote the 2019 Christmas raffle.

In them, it invites us to share with friends, family and acquaintances, as well as to believe in the future and what is to come. In this specific, they tell us the story of Pilar and Flix, a former father-in-law who continues to consider his ex-daughter-in-law as part of the family, even if she and her son have left him. Simply beautiful.

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