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Mexicans preferred mid-range cell phones in 2019

During these last years, Mexico has experienced the massive expansion of smartphones. Although it is already a fact that most of the population has a device and a mobile phone line of its own, it is also true that we do not use any type of cell phone. In addition to revealing that Mexicans prefer mid-range devices, this study prepared by The Competitive Intelligence Unit showed the brands of cell phones most consumed by Mexicans during this 2019.

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The CIU study showed that at the end of the first half of 2019 there were 120.4 million mobile lines in the national territory, which means that 94.9% of the total population has a telephone number, 88.7% of which are smartphones. This is a sign that the mobile device market has expanded, since in 2018 there were 106.8 million lines, that is, 3.8% less than this year that is about to end.

On the other hand, they noted that there has also been a growing demand for the quality of the devices that Mexicans consume. Or, in other words, Mexicans have gone from using low-end cell phones mostly to using mid-range smartphones. According to the study,

The race for consumer preference, based on the offer of equipment developments of all ranges and motivated by the increasing sophistication of user preferences and intensification, has led to an upward recomposition of interest in having equipment Highest technology logo.

The low-end and mid-range phones make up 60% of the total smartphone market, same percentage that in 2017 was occupied only by low-end phones.

Finally, the study shows that Samsung is the brand most used by Mexican consumers, with a total market share of 35.6%. In second place is Motorola with 14.2% and in third Huawei, with 12.1%. Huawei is expected to become the second most consumed brand by Mexicans in the coming years. In fourth place is Apple, as 11.2% of Mexicans use their cell phones. According to the study, Apple is in a downward trend due to its high prices that are a barrier to mass markets.