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Apple will have sold 60 million AirPods in 2019


About 60 million units sold, this is the figure reached by AirPods this 2019. Some numbers that sound unreal for a market that barely exists for 3 years and that Apple pioneered with TWS, which stands for True Wireless Stereo.

According to the last report published by the agency Strategy Analytics Apple has 50% of the market of headphones called "truly wireless". This report called "Foresight global sales and profits for Bluetooth devices inalmbricos from 2001 to 2024" Apple states that dominate the market in this sector in the coming years, predictably without real rival in sight. Its closest competitors, Samsung and Xiaomi, are left with 10% of the market each, far from the numbers that Apple is achieving.

Apple Watch 5 and Airpods

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Is to see in any case how this market evolves, in which Apple competes with a high-priced premium product that everyone is trying to copy and whose technology has become significantly cheaper in recent years. Despite this, the AirPods have remained the undisputed leader in a market that has grown 200% in the past year, accounting for 71% of the benefits derived from this sector.

The AirPods have remained undisputed leaders in a market that grew 200% this past 2019.

With official prices of 179 for the standard model, 229 for the model with wireless charging case and 279 for the β€œPro” model, it is clear that it is easy to compete on price compared to Apple headphones. In any case, those of Cupertino have managed to establish themselves in the prestige and fidelity of their devices to be the undisputed leader of a category that she herself created and now leads without apparent rival.

We cannot assure you that what this report indicates will be true, but it is easy to believe that s. We will see what the future of the AirPods holds for us, that if it is already triumphant it seems even more promising.