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How to disable Siri on iPhone

Since Siri was launched in 2011 on the iPhone 4s, it has become the virtual assistant of Apple present in much of its devices, including the iPad and even the Mac.

Although for many users Siri can become a very useful tool, capable of answering questions quickly and even asking for a taxi, for many other users, Siri has become a talking nuisance within their iPhones.

So much hate is because many times Siri does not understand the questions asked or is unable to resolve user requests. That is why many of the Apple world lovers declare at the same time haters from Siri.

This article is for the entire anti-Siri collective. Then we will explain how to deactivate Siri in simple steps. You will not have to listen to his annoying voice anymore!

By the way, before disabling the virtual assistant, we recommend that you say goodbye to Siri in style: asking the most fun and crazy questions, because if you did not know, Siri has a series of answers programmed that will not leave you indifferent.

Click on this link to find out what to ask Siri If you want to have a fun time.

How to disable Siri

You may not want to make Siri disappear completely, but it only bothers you that it appears on the lock screen or is activated by accident.

That is why we propose different options so you can manage and customize your relationship with the Apple virtual assistant.

1. Disable Siri completely

Do you want to get rid of Siri forever? You just have to go to Settings> General> Siri. If you tap on Siri, a bar will appear that you can slide to the left to deactivate it.

If it is green it means that Siri is still activated, so check that the option looks gray and Until never Siri!

If you have an older iOS version installed, this option may appear in the menu Settings, with the name of Siri and Search.

2. Deactivate the option of Hey Siri

You may also not hate Siri so much, that it only bothers you that it is activated sometimes by mistake when having the option of Hey Siri activated.

Thanks to this option, every time you say Hey Siri, the virtual assistant will be activated ready to help you.

To deactivate the option Hey Siri, just go to Settings> General> Siri and disable the option that says Al oye Siri.