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Climate 360, the smart colchn with microclimates to sleep better

If we talk about smart products, things like connected light bulbs, speakers with assistants or plugs that you can control remotely with an application usually come to mind. The company Sleep number has presented the intelligent colchn Climate 360, the first intelligent column that adjusts firmness and heat independently.

This column includes a thermal mesh that allows you to heat each side of the bed independently, even when countless nights of discussions over the quilt will end or because it is too cold.

The company has designed this Climate 360 ​​so that its users fall asleep faster thanks to the fact that the foot area warms up slightly and while you fall asleep it maintains your preferred temperature for the night.

Using a combination of sensors, improvements in fibers and materials that are capable of absorbing or expelling energy to cool or heat, Climate 360 ​​can create small microclimates independently so that it does not disturb your partner.

It can be adjusted automatically depending on the movements of the sleeping person, so the temperature is transmitted in the area where weight is detected. It is also capable of measuring heart rate and circadian rhythm.

From its application you can control each side, both the temperature and the firmness of each side. Sleep Number has several mattresses that you can control the firmness of each side. There are people who like to sleep in very stiff beds, others prefer the comfort of a softer bed.

There are people who cannot sleep in very soft beds due to back problems that cause them pain when they get up. In firm and hard beds they can get to rest much better.

Sleeping in a colchn with independent microclimates that can adjust its firmness is not cheap. When the Colchn Climate 360 ​​reaches the market sometime in 2021 cost a whopping $ 8,000 or about 7200 euros to the current change.

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