How to know where Santa Claus is: track down Santa Claus

How to know where Santa Claus is: track down Santa Claus

Every Christmas, Santa Claus surprises us all with his capacity for global compliance service (although Amazon is catching up quickly). We believe that Santa Claus has enough support to survive and, of course, no one wants to enter his naughty list. Here's how to track your progress on Christmas Eve this year.

If you are reading this well in advance, some of these crawlers, especially those from Google, offer a mini-game advent calendar, so visit the site every day from December 1 to have more fun.

Google Santa Claus Tracker

Many say that Google knows everything today. So, why not use that knowledge to enliven our emotion in this little holiday of the year?

On the Google page, Santa Tracker, There are a lot of different activities available to play in the pre-Christmas Eve period.

When the big day arrives, see the location of Santa Claus and how far he is from you, and the exact number of gifts he has delivered. On the right a live blog of your trip. And the best thing is that you don't have to install any application and it works on PCs, phones and tablets. What else can you ask for?

Follow Santa with NORAD

Those who are of a certain age will understand what NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is about and evoke images of a new Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy that take the world to the brink of World War III so they can play the last video game .

In the classic War Games of 1983, the final scenes of a possible global disaster take place in the NORAD mountainous basin, where generals track any attack with nuclear missiles from aggressive nations (well, at that time it was the Soviet Union).

NORAD has turned its considerable surveillance capability into geo-locating Pap Noel, who presumably must reach incredible speeds, similar to those of a missile, while crossing the skies.

That, or sees it as a threat to national security. At the time of writing this article, the NORAD Santa page It is already available.

Actually, the NORAD Tracks Santa site is a glorious celebration of Santa Claus and a fun place for children to lose some time.

While the main function seems to be to see the Santa Claus Express open its way through the skies, since everything happens at night (when most of us are asleep), the site builders have chosen to include some other distractions. These include a collection of Christmas songs, as does the Google tracker.

In addition, like the Google tracker, there are games to play throughout the month of December, one unlocked every day on an Advent calendar.