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Your PlayStation card gives you Christmas for 12 months of PlayStation Plus

Your PlayStation card gives you Christmas for 12 months of PlayStation Plus

At this point surely you are already thinking about gifts for your family and friends, so in the middle of the Christmas campaign and with Santa Claus around the corner, it's good to have options of all types to succeed With your presents this Christmas.

We are not all the same nor do we do the same things, so if in your family you have a gamer stay tuned because here we have your card, which is not a bank card ms but a PlayStation Card that is presented as the only one that gives you money back to spend on PlayStation Network.

In fact, if all banks strive to offer customized products for all types of customers, why not have the best card to gamers, designed as a specific product with exclusive benefits, and all at zero cost without commissions of any kind.

Your PlayStation card gives you Christmas for 12 months of PlayStation Plus

A customizable card and with 12 months free of PlayStation Plus, which becomes the perfect gift this Christmas

exist Multiple reasons to personalize the card, based on the titles Summer in Mara, Mundo de Nubla, Cool Paintr VR, Timothy vs Aliens or with material from the PlayStation itself. Also they promise to keep drawing more designs For the card, talk about your user more than ever.

In addition, the advantages are multiple because if you hire your PlayStation Card online before next January 9, you will receive as exclusive 12 month free gift from PlayStation Plus with the first payment of 20 euros you make. You can check the conditions here.

The PlayStation Card is completely free, and offers more than 18,000 ATMs to get free money without commissions, and it is certainly the best option to save in 2020 if what you like most is to play with your PlayStation console.

And do not worry if you have already hired the PlayStation Plus service, because the promotion of free subscription accumulates to your current subscription at no cost so you can enjoy the same advantages as those who arrive today at the platform premium from Sony, which offers free monthly games, additional discounts when purchasing titles for the console, the possibility of competing in PS League and much more.

Your PlayStation card gives you Christmas for 12 months of PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Card, the only card that will give you money back so you can save on your video games

As you suppose, for practical purposes the PlayStation Card is Like any other debit bank card with option ContactLess, allowing you to pay virtually any store by bringing the card only to a wireless POS.

Of course, its advantages are inside, as it is the only card in the Spanish market that money back for all your purchases without exception, both online and physical, accumulating 0.5% of the money you spend with it in your PlayStation Network account. They even give you back 0.5% of the share of your basic receipts (energy, water or telecommunications) domiciled on the card.

There are no small letters or any limitations, everything you pay applies to the promotion and accumulate credit to buy games or content on the PS Store making you save on what you like most and can play even more.