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The best controls to play with Smartphones

The offer of games for smartphones It is very interesting and varied. Today, we can download high quality news with which to enjoy entertaining hours of gaming.

However, playing with a mobile phone is not always easy. Depending on the type of game and the hours we dedicate, we may encounter some inconveniences. The size and the not very ergonomic shape Phone can cause discomfort in the hands and joints. The screens are also a handicap when we have to press the buttons, since we lose visibility and we do not enjoy as we would like. To fix it, buy a Good remote to play with Android or iPhone devices It is a more recommended option.

Controls to play with the mobile, the ideal device for any gamer

To know the characteristics of the mobile controls that exist in the market, we just have to visit the Web In this reference site, we will find all the informationon controls to play with the last generation mobile. Thus, we will know in detail its pros and cons and its classification according to prices, functionality and features.

The controls to play with the mobile or gamepads are lightweight and small devices That in allow to play with the mobile without touching the screen. These are made up of buttons like the ones we can find on the controls of the video consoles. In fact, there are many that are compatible with other devices, such as tablets, computers and game consoles.

Finding a command that is comfortable and functional will make us enjoy our gaming experience at the highest level and in a faster and more intuitive way.

The best gamepads for mobile and tablet

The technological world is constantly changing. Each season, we can find new models on the market with improved and much more sophisticated versions. For the Game controls for Android and iOS systems There is a wide offer in both prices and functions. We have been advised by our colleagues in to bring you this list of best controls for your smartphone:

Wireless PowerLead Ipega 9037

The Ipega 9037 It is a black controller, made of plastic and very similar to the Xbox controller. his compact design, the location of its buttons (on the sides) and its light weight make it a Very easy to use controller. The Ipega has wireless function for Bluetooth 3.0 up to 8 meters, in addition to a telescopic stand which allows mobile devices up to 6 inches to be placed.

This remote to play with Smartphone is compatible with Android 3.2 and higher versions and with Win8, Win7, WinXP, Android TV and Android Box TV.

Depending on the type of game we are going to use, we can choose between their two modes of operation: the mode of game control and mouse mode. The Ipega has a battery lithium 16 hours of autonomy.

Ipega PG-9023

The model Ipega 9023 it is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and almost all operating systemsAndroid The Ipega 9023 has controls that are very easy to use, distributed to the right and left at the top of the remote and that allow a dynamic and very comfortable game.

To use this remote to play with the mobile we just need to connect with Bluetooth V 3.0. (its maximum range is 8 meters) and use your telescopic stand for phones 5 to 10 inches. The battery lithium allow us to play up to 20 hours in a row You can play both smartphone games and emulators.

Ipega 9083

The ergonomic structure and the black and red design make Ipega 9083 A very striking model. Its shape, light weight and 11-inch extension standIt allows us a comfortable game for hours.

The Ipega 9083 has a security system so that it enters a state of rest if we do not use it. Your battery allows us to play up to 10 hours. His design does compatible with Android, Win7, Win8 and Win10 operating systems. In the case of iOS devices, it is only compatible with some games.