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How to turn your smartphone into a Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr retro mode

There are phones that years after its launch, continue to leave an indelible memory. One of them is clearly the Motorola Razr, launched there by 2004. It was not only an advanced device for its time but its premium materials and its sober appearance, have made it one of the most elegant devices in history.

Now 15 years later, Motorola itself attacks the deepest nostalgia, launching a new folding phone with the design of the Razr myth. But do not worry, in case any of you cannot pay the almost 2,000 euros that this new version will surely cost, we are here to help. No, we will not advance the money if not we will provide everything you need to turn your current mobile phone into the legendary Motorola Razr.

So you can transform your smartphone into the Motorola Razr Mythic

As we all know, one of the advantages of Android is its customization. There are no two identical Android smartphones if not that each user chooses what they want to look like. Wallpapers, icon packs and even animations. Everything is possible thanks to Android.

And as usually happens with customization, it is the XDA guys who have provided us with all download links for transform our smartphone into a Motorola Razr of yesteryear. It is an application called Retro that what it does is mimic the appearance of that phone.

The reality is that it is not an app to use, since once downloaded you have to add this small mod in quick setup to use it (In the video above it looks perfectly). Wallpapers, boot animation, sounds … everything necessary for our mind to return to 2004.

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