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Do you know the trends for the Community Manager in 2020?

Social networks have become one of the most important channels in the digital strategy of virtually any brand. It not only allows you to distribute campaigns in a much more precise way than in traditional media. They are also a important source of traffic for business websites. To that you must add your role at the time of create a strong relationship with the audience. Many times, these tasks fall into the Community Manager.

The role of the Community Manager, today, goes far beyond a simple community administrator, as the name implies. Now he is the person in whom the planning, execution and constant improvement of the social media strategy of the companies falls. Thus, it is not only a fundamental piece in the structuring of a digital marketing activation. It is also someone who requires constant training, because of the dynamism of the same medium.

What the Community Manager should know by 2020

Of course, there are many things that this social media expert can learn in the day to day. If you are aware of the technical changes of the platforms, and the trends that arise among the public, you can do an extraordinary job in your day to day. But even the best Community Manager in the market have to take formal trainings and attend industry events from time to time. Otherwise they can miss many things.

The Community Managers Summit 2020 He wants to become an integral stop for the entire community of social media experts in Mexico. The event will take place on February 18 and 19 at the Marriott Reforma Hotel in Mexico City (CDMX). Not only will it allow every Community Manager to attend valuable networking sessions with other industry professionals. It also opens the door to valuable content to improve any project.

But more importantly, they will be able to know the latest trends that the Community Manager needs for the next 2020. This, from the hand of industry specialists with extensive experience in brands such as Teran, Levis, Hult Prize and Lexia. So, if you are a social media specialist who wants to continue training, or a company that wants to strengthen its strategy on these platforms, you can not miss it. Enter this link to know more:

Community Managers Summit 2020

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