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CES 2020: Kitchen Hub is a 27-inch screen with Android, microwave and integrated exhaust fan

GE's Kitchen Hub combines a microwave, an exhaust fan and a 27-inch tablet with Android

General Electric (GE) has presented during the
CES 2020 held in Las Vegas (United States) until Friday the new version of the
Kitchen hub, a
Intelligent Screen 27-inch in which it has included a microwave: the screen has the same functions as a tablet, like watching Netflix while suggesting recipes with the ingredients in the house.

Last year GE presented at the CES presented the Kitchen Hub, an intelligent screen that went over the stove, with cameras to view, record and share images of what is being cooked, which allows access to recipes in addition to including all applications of Android

GE's Kitchen Hub has three cameras: inside the microwave, pointing to the stove and another for video callsGE's Kitchen Hub has three cameras: inside the microwave, pointing to the cooktop and another for video calls

This year GE has added a
microwave oven and a
air extractor to this device with 27 inch screen. The 2019 Kitchen Hub had two cameras, one facing the front and one focusing on food; The 2020 model includes a third placed inside the microwave,
As explained in a statement.

GE has incorporated technology into the device to help families plan and cook different recipes, warn that the food is already cooked, lower or raise the temperature and even propose recipes with the ingredients available in the house.

This device works just like an Android tablet, so the user can download applications such as Netflix or Spotify from the store. Another function is to connect with other smart devices in the house, such as heating or house lights.

Kitchen Hub comes equipped with Google Assistant, access to the SideChef kitchen application and the ability to make video calls using the cameras. This microwave will go on sale at the end of 2020. The company did not inform the price, although the previous model (of 2019) reached the market for 1200 dollars.


. CES 2020: Kitchen Hub is a 27-inch screen with Android (t) microwave and integrated air extractor – LA NACION