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The most viewed movies and series on Netflix Mexico during 2019

The year is gone and, with it, a lot of emotions lived in front of the screen of your TV, laptop, tablet and phone. Netflix is ​​the streaming platform with more users worldwide, and therefore its rankings constitute an authentic barometer to know what was the most successful in the last 12 months.

most seen on netflix mexico

In this same context, Mexico is the Spanish-speaking country with more inhabitants, so the most viewed movies and series in the Aztec country have all the numbers of being also the most viewed in the rest of Latin America.

And t, fantastic unconditional streaming, have you seen them all? Check how up to date you have been with the most seen on Netflix Mexico during this 2019 that already leaves us.

The most viewed movies on Netflix Mexico during 2019

1.- Mystery on board

A New York cop and his wife become the main suspects in the murder of a billionaire after attending a party on his yacht.


2.- Squad 6

Six elected from around the world erase their past to change the future. The best of being dead? Fight against evil without anything stopping you.


3.- As fallen from heaven

Pedro Infante has been detained in limbo for the past 60 years. Without permission to go to heaven, because he was a womanizer, he cannot be sent to hell either because he has also done much good. Pedro Infante prays for a second chance and is granted only one: to be sent to Earth in the body of an imitator, Pedro Guadalupe Ramos (Omar Chaparro) and if he manages to straighten his life, he will be allowed to go to heaven.


4. The perfect date

Single? Look no further! With his new dating app, he pretends to be the perfect boyfriend … and, incidentally, collects money for college. With Noah Centineo.


5.- Triple border

They are former soldiers of special operations and feel that their service for the homeland had no reward. The plan: steal seventy-five million from a South American narco.


6.- Suicide Squad

most seen on netflix mexico squad

A secret agent frees the world's worst supervillains from prison to stop an impending apocalypse in exchange for freedom.

7.- The Irlands

most seen on netflix mexico irish

Martin Scorsese's saga about postwar organized crime in the US: mafia, corrupt politics and the life and mysterious disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, all narrated by a hitman who lived it all in the first person. With Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.


8.- The legend of Klaus

the most seen on netflix mexico the legend of klaus

A postman and a toy maker hurao forge an unexpected friendship in this animated story about the origin of Santa Claus.


9.- At my height

most seen on netflix mexico tallgirl d27 0576 arw

Jodi is sixteen years old, measures one meter ninety and never had a boyfriend, although the latter could be remedied with the arrival of an exchange student at his height.


10.- Fast and furious 8

the most watched on netflix mexico fast furious

A ruthless cyber terrorist leads Dom to betray Letty and the team, and everything they had built is in danger. Will they give up?

The most viewed series on Netflix Mexico during 2019

1.- History of a crime: Colosio

Dramatization of the murder of Mexican President Luis Donaldo Colosio in 1994. First installment of an unsolved crime anthology in Latin America.


2.- The house of flowers: Season 2

La Mora's family cries a loss while trying to recover sold businesses, plot revenges and become entangled in romantic disasters.


3.- The paper house: Part 3

After managing to flee with the billion euros of the National Factory of Currency and Bell, The Professor receives a call: one of the members of the band has been captured. The only way to rescue him, and to protect the secret whereabouts of others, is to bring them all together again to carry out a new robbery, the biggest heist ever thought.


4.- Stranger Things 3

From rabid rats and Soviet spas to a new soda and a dazzling mall. It is the summer of 1985 in Hawkins and great changes are coming.


5.- The Witcher

Based on the hit fantasy series, The Witcher is an itchy story about destiny and family. Geralt de Rivia, a lonely monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people are often more perverse than beasts. However, their path unexpectedly intersects with that of a powerful sorceress and that of a young princess who keeps a dangerous secret, and the three must learn to travel together a continent about to explode.


6.- Monarch

most seen on netflix mexico monarch

At the request of his father and after twenty years of absence, Ana Mara returns to Mexico and takes the reins of his family's tequila empire, plunged into secrets and corruption.


7.- The Queen of the South: Season 2

most seen on netflix mexico the queen of the south

After living hidden for almost a decade, Teresa is forced to face her past and return to Mexico to save her kidnapped daughter.


8.- lite: Season 2

most seen on netflix mexico elite

After the murder of a classmate, a student disappears, loyalties change, new students arrive and the secret shadows are more difficult to hide.


9.- You: Season 2

most seen on netflix mexico you

Series based on the successful novel by Caroline Kepnes about an aspiring writer who comes across a bright bookcase ready to go to her. Start looking for intimate information through the internet and social networks, but soon everything that stands between you and your goal is an obstacle that you should eliminate, even people. What had begun as a strange crush, at times enchanting, silently becomes an obsession.


10.- Crow Club: Season 4

most seen on netflix mexico crows

The Wild Black Crows of Nuevo Toledo will play everything to reach the final and thus maintain the legacy of Don Salvador Iglesias … if Chava and Isabel allow it.


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