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The most common problems of AirPods and their solutions – Digital Trends Espaol

The AirPods Pro at the end of 2019, which positioned itself as one of the best totally wireless headphones, show that Apple wants to be one of the market leaders. But at $ 50 less, Apple's AirPods are a tempting option. And although the most common problems of AirPods may slow your purchase, you would like to know that most have a solution.

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If they are causing you serious headaches, or you just have the feeling that something is not working well, we will help you diagnose (and hopefully solve) these inconveniences.

Find your AirPods

the most common problems of AirPodsBill Roberson / Digital Trends

Although the size of Apple's headphones is one of the qualities highlighted by the company, the truth is that for many people it can be a problem. They are so small, that in many occasions it is difficult to find them.

Fortunately, to solve this problem, we have the Find My iPhone application.

To start, start the application Find My iPhone on your iOS device or go to the iCloud website, log in with your Apple ID and select Search my Iphone. From there, select your AirPods and see a map that shows where they are, or their last location before they went out. If you see a green dot next to the cone that symbolizes your AirPods, it means they are on, and you can play a sound to easily locate them. If they are off, the map will at least tell you where they were the last time they were working.

Pairing problems

If you can't get your AirPods to connect to your phone or tablet, the first thing you should do is place them in the charging base for about 10 seconds, then take them out and test them in your ears again. In many cases, that's all they need.

If this method does not work, the second option you can try is to enable and disable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Then repeat the above process and you're done.

But, if after trying the first two alternatives your headphones do not work (which is very unlikely), you can try to completely restart the AirPods. This is a general solution for many problems.

Computer connection

Although it is not a very common problem on newer Macs, it can happen. To solve it, you should try the same steps you usually do to connect to a phone, which is to rest your AirPods in its base for 10 seconds before placing them.

If that doesn't work, you should unlink them and pair them again, something you can do by turning Bluetooth on and off. You have to take into account that this could be a problem if you use a Bluetooth mouse on your computer.

In this case, go to the Bluetooth settings, look for the AirPods and disconnect them. Then, follow the same steps you used to link the AirPods to your computer.

Intermittent calls

One of the most annoying problems that AirPods have presented are intermittent calls. However, one of the best options that have been discovered to solve it is to try to take calls with just one AirPod in the ear.

airpods intermittent callsJosh Edelson / Getty Images

If that doesn't work, there are other options you can try if you have an iPhone. First, open the application of Configuration and go to the section of Bluetooth. Next to the AirPods entry in the device list, you should see a cone "I" within a circle Touch it, then select the microphone and set it to the left or right.

In extreme cases, you can also deactivate the Automatic ear detection in the same section, although this deactivates one of the most convenient features and also depletes the fastest battery.

If you still have problems, you can retry the full detailed reset at the end of this article.

Audio issues

There are several causes that can cause problems in the audio of your AirPods. The most common is because of bad Bluetooth connections. If this happens in a specific place in your home, there may be interference, so we recommend that you simply move around.

Some users have manifested another solution that works: disconnect the Wi-Fi while making calls, as it is usually cause for interference.

Android volume issues

If you use your AirPods with an Android device, you will realize that the volume is not as high as when you pair it with an iOS device. This is because the headphones use the W1 chip, which Android devices do not have.

There is a way to minimize that problem. Simply, touch the volume up or down and you should see the volume control appear on the screen. Touch the down arrow next to the volume control and see all the sliders appear. One of these must be Bluetooth. Now just sbelo or bjalo as necessary.

In Samsung Galaxy phones it is a bit different. Go to Configuration/Connections/ Bluetooth. There, touch the three dots in the upper right corner to get more options, then activate the Media Volume Synchronization. Now you can use the volume control on the device in the same way you will on an iOS device.

Little battery

Although initially AirPods should last approximately five hours, after several months of use they will begin to download more quickly. Although you can't avoid it, there are certain recommendations that will help you fight it.

airpods batteryBill Roberson / Digital Trends

First, make sure that the automatic ear detection is activated, as this puts the AirPods in a low power consumption mode when you are not using them. If you have this option on and you still download it quickly, we recommend that you have the full reset option that we show below.

How to update your AirPods

Before resetting your AirPods, we recommend checking if there is a new software update. If so, there is a good chance that the solution you are looking for is solved in this way.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to force the update of the AirPods or AirPods Pro. We found that connecting the AirPods to an outlet and then linking them to an iPad or iPhone forces you to start an installation process after a short period of time , if there is any available.

Do you want to verify the specific firmware version your AirPods are using? Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the AirPods are connected to your iOS device.
  • Opens Configuration.
  • Brand general.
  • Choose About.
  • Press Airpods.
  • Locate the number next to Firmware version.

If nothing happens, it's probably because your AirPods automatically updated to the latest version in the background, in which case you should restart the AirPods or visit an Apple Store to get help.

How to reset them?

As we mentioned earlier, the total restart of your AirPods can solve several problems. Best of all, it is very quick to do. Here we explain how:

  1. Place your AirPods in the charging base.
  2. Press and hold the button on the back of the case for approximately 15 seconds until the orange LED flashes.
  3. Open the box next to your phone and wait for the AirPods to reconnect.

Assuming you are using an iPhone, iCloud synchronize the connection with your other devices at this point. If you are using another device, you must pair it manually as you will with any other Bluetooth device.

No case?

Although it may seem a bit cumbersome, if your AirPods have another problem that is not reflected in this guide, we recommend you contact the support of the brand or go to the nearest Apple store.

* Updated on December 18, 2019 by Rodrigo Orellana.

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