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Facebook and the conspiracy of the panic

Dark Facebook

Last year, the company of Mark Zuckerberg entered the world of smart speakers with camera and screen, a bet that as expected It has been a resounding failure since after the large number of privacy-related scandals, nobody wants to be spied directly with a camera and a microphone.

This type of devices, is managed by AOSP (Android Open Source Project), with a personalization layer, but after all in Android, as they use Amazon Fire tablets, hence most of them can be installed Applications available on Android. But it seems that It's not the way to go from Facebook and they want to go one step further.

As we can read in The Informatión, citing company sources, Facebook is developing an operating system for reducate the dependence of other technology companies, especially from Google, who is behind AOSP.

Creating a zero operating system is a titanic task. We do not know what has happened to Mark Zuckerberg to make this decision. The reason why Facebook wants its devices to be managed by its own operating system is unknown but They inspire very little trust.

Think wrong and be right

Facebook live on the information you get from your users to target advertising. The more data you have about us, you can sell your advertising campaigns better and narrow down who to display.

Who doesn't tell us that he is creating an operating system that takes care of transcribe all our conversations (Although their smart-screen speakers have a physical switch to disable it).

Who assures us that that physical switch really deactivates the microphone and it does not activate a system that collects all the audio generated after deactivating it to send it to the offices of Facebook in order to know more about us?

Have you ever asked yourself why after talking about an event or movie you a related ad appears?

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