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How to control an Android remotely

Surely on several occasions it has happened to you to have to help someone relative or friend with something related to the smartphone, but not being in person with them, it has been literally impossible to help them. Well, today we are going to show you how to control an Android mobile remotely, something that can be very useful.

It is clear that if we are going to help someone with a problem on their Android, it is best to see what happens by ourselves and even be able to interact, but if that person is far away, all this can be difficult, but only in the beginning.

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With these solutions that we are going to tell you, the problem of distance is solved, although you are hundreds of kilometers away from the other person, since all we are going to do is go Internet and in an easy and fast way.


The first option we present is Teamviewer, one of the most popular applications for remote management.

To get a mobile remote control with Teamviewer, we just have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. In the mobile we want to control remotely we must install "Teamviewer QuickSupport".
  2. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport


  1. If the brand of your mobile needs a Special host the program itself will tell you where you can download the Add-ons you need.
  2. Once installed "TeamViewer QuickSupport", we open the app and move the screens to the left, until we see our User ID (associated).

Image - How to control an Android remotely

  1. Once the mobile that we are going to control remotely is ready, we must now manage the smartphone controller. For this we must install "TeamViewer for Remote Control".
  2. Download TeamViewer for Remote Control for Android


  1. Now we start the application and we will see how the Partner ID (number we already saw in QuickSupport) to connect a smartphone with another.

Image - How to control an Android remotely

  1. We introduce that number and, after a few seconds, we will see the mobile screen that we want to control. From there we can already control the mobile remotely, from our own smartphone.

Image - How to control an Android remotely

With TeamViewer we can also control the mobile from our PC as follows.

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