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Verify Instagram account: how many followers are needed?

Verify an Instagram account It is something that more than one wants to achieve, but the truth is that the social network has conditions that must be met 100%, otherwise, we reject the verification. One of the conditions that must be met is the number of followersHow many are needed?

We already said recently that with Instagram you can earn money if you have many followers, but we also said that the process is slow and expensive. Expensive in terms of effort and also requires economic investment.

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We will start at the beginning, the requirements to verify our Instagram account, and then we will go to the process to verify the profile. We already warn that asking for verification is not confirmation of this. That is, we can ask for it, but the verification emblem may never arrive because Instagram believes that our account is not eligible.

Minimum requirements to request the verification of a profile on Instagram

To get started, the verification of an Instagram account can be requested by any user Social network asset. Another thing is that they give us the emblem or not.

Image - Verify Instagram account: how many followers are needed?

Having the above clear, these are the requirements that must be met if we intend to verify our profile in the social network:

  1. Be a real account

That is, being a public character, brand, company, belonging to a registered company, etc. In short, that our account is authentic and we can corroborate it.

  1. Real name and surname

No false names and identities that do not exist.

  1. Public profile

In order to verify our Instagram account we must have a public profile, and in turn, with all the information as complete as possible. That is, the biography must be complete, put contact information, good profile picture, several publications, etc.

  1. Single account

This is a bit of a mess to explain, but the person requesting the verification of a specific account has to make sure that it is not linked to another account. That is, there should only be an official account of that company, entity, public character, etc. Only duplicate accounts are allowed if they are official, but in different languages. Instagram only verifies one account per person, in case they detect duplicate accounts, they will end the verification process.

  1. Relevant profile

Another indispensable requirement to achieve the Instagram verification badge. We must ensure that our content is interesting for Instagram and for our followers, in addition to original and of course avoid plagiarism to artists, for example. The thing does not end there, but that "relevance" depends on our profile receiving many searches from followers and users.

  1. Avoid competition

When you are gaining followers, you always want to make your other social networks visible, but if our goal is to achieve verification, we must avoid these practices, since Instagram does not see with good eyes that we take the traffic to the competition such as Twitter or YouTube .