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Unboxing and first impressions on video with the Shield Tablet K1


Unboxing and first impressions on video with the Shield Tablet K1

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November 30, 2015


We already told you a few days ago what Nvidia he had relaunched, just in time for Christmas gifts, his Shield Tablet with a new name (adding the “K1"Which identifies your processor), some small modifications and a substantial price drop, making it one of the most interesting tablets that we can find right now in its price range and making it a sure temptation even for those to whom the original version never attracted much attention. Especially for them, but also for those who already knew her and want to see how much she has changed, today we bring you an interesting unboxing and first impressions on video.

Shield Tablet K1: unboxing

The unboxing of the tablet is particularly interesting precisely because the main changes that have been introduced have to do with what we are going to receive with the tablet, or rather, with what we are not going to receive: not only has the stylus with which the Shield Tablet but also not included now charger. Indeed, in the video You can check that the device arrives in a really thin box, without any accompaniment other than the guarantees and user manuals.

The video It does not end with this brief and fast unboxing, but we also have the opportunity, as usual, to take a good look at the tablet itself: first, the usual review of your design, showing it from all perspectives, and then we can also witness the first moments with the tablet once we put it on going, which will be especially interesting for all those who have not had the opportunity so far to take a look at the Shield Tablet software (which, as you can see, is practically Android stock).

A fantastic option for only 200 euros

Some may have been disappointed to know that this Shield Tablet K1 It arrives without stylus and it has been even shocking to discover that it does not include a charger, but considering that in most homes there is no longer a shortage of chargers and that these cuts have served to lower the price of the tablet until 200 eurosSurely there are more who know how to appreciate the opportunity. After all, we are talking about a tablet 8 inches with Full HD resolution and one of the processors with better performance in graphic processing.

As you can see, it is not necessary to be a gamer to be interested in the tablet of Nvidia and, in fact, it is one of our recommendations for those who seek tablets to give away this Christmas.