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The 5 best crossword games for Android (2020)

Best crossword apps

Crosswords are one of the most popular word games we know. They put your brain to work, teach you new things and are a fun but quiet way to spend time. That is why, in this article we want to introduce you The 5 best crossword games for Android. So, to think!

CodyCross, the funniest option

CodyCross is an entertaining mix between trivial and crossword games. This title has several established categories, and all the tracks revolve around that premise. Your job is to follow the line and complete all the words you can. The game includes hundreds of puzzles, synchronization in the cloud and four difficulty modes.

It has a paid version with which you can unlock all the words and functions. Nevertheless, the version free is good enough As if to kill time. So if you're a crossword puzzle fan, you can't stop having this game on your mobile.

CodyCross - Crosswords CodyCross - Crosswords

If you like challenges, English Crossword is for you

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English Crossword is another traditional crossword puzzle game, but with the peculiarity that it is only in English. The game features more than 400 word puzzles that work offline. It also has four different levels of difficulty that will test your knowledge.

You also get awards for achievements, synchronization with the cloud and leaderboards. Its download is completely free, although if you want something more complete, you will have to opt for the paid version.

English crossword puzzle English crossword puzzle

Free crossword, the most classic option

His name speaks for itself. This is a completely free crossword puzzle game, with no in-app purchases, although it contains some ads. The game presents more than 400 crosswords and all are available to play offline. In addition, you can get crosswords in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Of course, you should know that sometimes the game abuses the use of tracks related to the United States. Beyond that, it is a pretty fun game full of traditional crosswords that you like to solve so much. So don't wait any longer and describe it from the Play Store from the following link.

Free Crossword Free Crossword