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LG presents OLED displays for aircraft passengers

Your long distance flights can be a little more bearable thanks to LG's new OLED displays.

LG announced

Flexible 55-inch OLED screens designed to be installed on aircraft walls to create the feeling that you are not locked in a small cabin.

The screens, which could show clouds, open sky and other peaceful scenes, should allow "People feel more openness" while traveling, according to an LG press release.

Unless, of course, he doesn't like to be reminded that he's flying several miles in the air. In that case, we recommend sleeping masks.

If you have the money for first class

You will get an even more premium video experience. Specifically, you'll get LG's 65-inch Ultra Flexible (UHD) OLED screen that is probably better than any TV you have.

LG says passengers can also adjust the screen to better suit the viewing experience they want, from playing video games to watching movies on a long flight.

The first-class cabin of the future could also include a 55-inch OLED display with 40 percent transparency as a partition. Use it as a screen or a means to prevent others from seeing your flight experience.

Everything sounds pretty good

Although who knows how much your first class ticket will really cost with these. Someone has to pay for all those fancy pants displays, after all.