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Apple says 5G increase iPhone sales by 10%

Apple Store Facade

They have not waited or finished the current year to venture to mention figures for the next and the next generation of iPhone. The numbers have spoken, and of the more than 900 million current iPhone users, Apple believes that at least one third of them renew their device with the launch of the iPhone 12, mainly on the occasion of the inclusion of 5G.

From the iPhone manufacturing chains there is talk of 5 models for the next generation, although we do not know if all will include 5G if we can speculate that the offer will be as wide as possible to cover the more market the better.

Apple Store

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Analysts dare to dream, Wall Street doesn't

An Apple analyst has also mentioned about the figures that Wall Street speculates. And they believe that it is underestimating the capacity of the Cupertino, since Apple is an expert in exceeding your expectations of it. When he talks about this he refers to the year 2019 that Apple has overcome. China, Trump, tariffs … Problems that nobody will know where they will come from Apple has worked very hard to get away from them all.

Analysts believe that Wall Street underestimates Apple's figures for this 2020

That is why while in past years Apple's numbers were lying down from Wall Street in the face of the setbacks they will have to fight, although the stock market remains as conservative as analysts always dare to go one step further, and value that Apple is able to stand out. Reasons have to dream, since there is talk of sales of 100 million iPhone 12 compared to 80 of iPhone 11.

Hopefully Apple has a quieter 2020 year than this one that is about to end. If we take stock of the circumstances that Apple faces every year and moves forward, also this past year announcing devices that are being successful in sales, we can breathe easy. At the moment they have made it clear that whatever happens they go forward.