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What were the smartphones that Mexicans most preferred in 2019?

The mobile phone has grown in biblical proportions during 2019. While previously owning a smartphone it was considered a luxury; Now, hardly anyone walks through life without being communicated through a device.

The truth is that more and more companies have decided to bet on innovation, offering smartphones with ambitious technical features and specifications at affordable prices.

Therefore, there is a lot of offer in the market: we already show you the mobile devices with better camera, the ones that have higher performance, the ones that have best sound and those who stood out for their incredible capacity and battery life.

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But, of all those options, what were the smartphones that Mexicans preferred in 2019?

According to a study by The CIU, in Mexico, at the end of the first half of 2019, of a total of 120.4 million mobile lines, 88.7% is from smartphones. This equates to 106.8 million active devices, 3.8% more than a year ago.

The proportion of users with high-end smartphones amounted to 8%, while the mid-range increased from 49% to 52%, which means that Mexican users have a clear inclination towards the devices of these characteristics.

Together, the high and low ranges cover 60% of the total market, while two years ago, it was the low range that reached that proportion. This only confirms the budgetary effort of consumers, for having more powerful equipment and better technical specifications.

The brands that Mexicans most preferred in 2019

According to the results of the investigation, the leading player has been Samsung with a market share of 35.6%, a percentage that covers devices of all ranges.

Then Motorola It was who also proved to be one of the favorite brands by Mexicans, since it has a 14.2% market share.

Third is Huawei, although it is not far from the second; in fact, it already reaches 12.1% due to its accelerated strategy in renewal of its high range. Manzana, on the other hand, reaches 11.3% with a downward trend due to its high prices.

Other manufacturers occupy 25% of the market, but things may change next year. when OPPO arrives in Mexico.

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