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Russians create a (almost) identical copy of the Cybertruck

A group of Russian youtubers joined forces to create a replica of Tesla's Cybertruck. The official model presented by Elon Musk a few weeks ago is barely in its terminal phase before being put up for sale, but these guys wanted to get ahead and modify any car to look as similar as possible to the electric car with sharp contours. And they documented the entire process on their YouTube channel.

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The replica of the Cybertruck made by these Russian youtubers It was made from a LADA Hatchback and the necessary materials cost them roughly $ 1,200, excluding the price of the car of course. This copy is a demonstration of great blacksmith skills, as they managed to rebuild the body of the car presented by Elon Musk with steel blades.

And, like every reply, it is far from perfect. And is that besides it works with a traditional combustion engine, the car doesn't even have doors. In the video you can see how the drivers have to enter through the trunk, where a hatch that directs them to the front seats is raised.

Of course, this imitation of the Cybertruck is already on sale at a price much less than the original of only 666,666 rubles (approximately 200 thousand Mexican pesos).

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