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What is phubbing or how mobile can damage relationships

Alert: the seemingly harmless act of using your cell phone during dinner could wreak havoc in a relationship. According to a study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, mobiles and particularly phubbing, which is the act of paying more attention to the mobile than to people, can damage relationships and depress people.

To find out what are the relational effects of phubbing or the degree to which people use or are concerned about their mobile phone when they are in a relationship, the research team conducted two separate surveys with 453 adults in the United States. .

β€œWhen a person perceives that their partner ignores them for being aware of the mobile, conflicts are created and the satisfaction of the relationship reaches the lowest levels, said James Roberts, professor of marketing and author of the study.

Roberts added that by lowering the levels of satisfaction in the relationship, the levels of life satisfaction also decrease and ultimately the consequence of this is the increased levels of depression in people.

The study data showed that 46.3% of respondents indicated that they had been ignored by their partner because of the mobile, while 22.6% said that phubbing caused a conflict in the relationship. 36.6% reported suffering from depression and only 32% expressed feeling satisfied with the relationship. Meredith David, co-author of the research and assistant professor of marketing, said the results suggest that the more one of the parties interrupts the time of couple to use the mobile, the lower the probability that the other person feels satisfied in the relationship .

Knowing this, How can we do to avoid this mobile addiction? David advises that we should be more aware of the amount of time we spend using the mobile and learn how the interruptions caused by the devices can be harmful to a relationship.

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