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Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1, a Great Educational Application for iPad


Ebooks & kids has developed a wide range of educational applications for iPad with which children learn by playing. We can assure you that they are great experts and now they have just launched a new app that ana all the features of their previous applications in one. Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1 is much more than an app, we could even say that it is an interactive ebook.

Wee Kids Compilation has many different educational games in one application where children will learn the letters of the alphabet, read and write, their first notions of arithmetic, develop a great capacity for memory, and much more. And all this from the same app. Isn't it fantastic?

Ebooks & kids gathers a lot of their games in one application, Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1 for iPad

Wee Kids is a set of apps dedicated to children and now you can enjoy many of their games together in one application. The design is fabulous and the graphics and colors of all his drawings have also been treated with great care.. In addition the sounds accompany the perfection and will make the children have a very pleasant time.

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<p>Inside Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1 <strong>find an impressive variety of games</strong>. This time the application opens directly with the first game and you will simply have to pass each test and each level to move on to the next exercise. Games can range from linguistic exercises to solve some arithmetic operation.</p>
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Wee Kids Compilation Vol 1 is a fantastic application at a completely reduced price. The learning possibilities that children experience is very large and they will not even notice it because they will have a great time. The application is universal and you can enjoy it on your iPad and your iPhone With a single purchase. In addition to all the games that it contains you can enjoy fantastic drawings to color to your liking. Ebooks & kids has developed this appthinking in the smallest. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Describe it now on your iPad and iPhone!

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