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How to configure Hotmail on a Mac in 10 steps

Although Hotmail went down in history in 2013, when Microsoft decided to replace it definitely with the Outlook email service, there are still many people who still use a Hotmail account. Maybe you are one of them.

This is why you would like to know that you can continue accessing your Hotmail emails from your Mac or MacBook. You only need to configure your Mail application on your device to do so. Vers as it is not a process as complicated as it may seem.

Of course, you can choose to access your list of emails from any web browser you have installed on your computer. In this case, you will not have too many complications.

Now, if you want to do it from the Apple program, you should follow step by step the instructions that we indicate in this tutorial, which are summarized in replacing your old Hotmail account with a new one in Outlook and linking it to Mail.

The most important thing to know before you start is that, according to Microsoft's terms of use, your email may be disabled if you haven't used it more than 270 days ago. If this is your case, maybe you are in time to save it.

Another of the most popular tricks for Apple products is to use WhatsApp on iPad without using the official application, on the other hand not available for tablets iOS. You can also send and receive text messages on your Mac.

Step 1. Verify that your Hotmail account is still active

The fastest and easiest way to check if your Hotmail account is still active is to try to access it through the official website of the email service.

one. Go to the page Although it no longer exists, you will be automatically redirected to Outlook. Then, click on Create an account.

two. Try to access your account by entering your email and password.

3. If you are lucky and your account is still active, you will be redirected to your Hotmail account inbox.

Step 2. Resurrect your deactivated Hotmail account

Now, if unfortunately you cannot access your Hotmail account, you still have the possibility to rescue it. To do this, you will need to have another Microsoft account that you have access to.

one. Once you have accessed your other account, access the menu of Configuration -a gear-shaped icon- and select the option Connected Accounts.

two. Below all, locate the section Email Aliases and click on the option Manage or choose a primary alias. You may have to verify your identity.

3. Under the section of Account Alias, Choose Add email.

4. In the new page, select the option Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias, enter the account you want to rescue and click Add alias.

We do not know very well how and why this trick works, but the truth is that we have done well without problems on more than one occasion, so we recommend trying it.

Step 3. Visit the official Outlook page

The official Outlook page has an interface similar to that of any email service, with options to read, write and organize your emails to the top With the menu on the left, you can also check your trays.

If you have not used your Hotmail account for a long time, you will surely receive an email welcoming you to the Outlook service and explaining how to use it: from how to import emails from another account how to update the information of your contacts.

Step 4. Link your Hotmail account with Outlook

With Outlook, you can link most email accounts that use the Internet message access protocol, the well-known IMAP system, which includes Gmail, Yahoo Mail or iCloud. Obviously, you can also do it with Hotmail accounts.

This step is important especially because it seems that Microsoft convert Outlook into your primary mail system. This is why it often encourages its users to stop using Hotmail and take the final step towards Outlook.

The process to link your old Hotmail account with your new Outlook account is similar to the one we detailed in step 2 and those who had the account deactivated. We will explain it to you in the next two sections.

Step 5. Create a new Outlook account

one. In the page of your Hotmail, click on your name -which you see in the upper right corner- and, in the drop-down menu, select See account.

two. In the top menu, click on Information, followed by Manage the login email or phone number.

3. Next, you may have to enter your password. If so, enter it and, in the new page, click on Add email under the section Account Alias.

4. On the page Add an alias, keep the option selected Create a new email address and add it as an alias.

5. Finally, choose the mail service you prefer –@ or @– and enter the address You want to choose for your new email. In our case, we choose one similar to that of the original Hotmail.

Step 6. Manage multiple email addresses

The multiple addresses of mail, also known as aliases, allow you to log in with each of these accounts and access the same inbox using a single password.

This option is also useful when you want to use a new email account but without losing all your email settings or data that you have been using so far or to facilitate the management of all the accounts you have open.

Note that you cannot add an alias that is already associated with another Microsoft account and that the existing @, @, @ and @ addresses cannot be added as aliases either.

Step 7. Add Hotmail or Outlook accounts in Mail

So far, we have explained how to use your old Hotmail account on your Mac using a web browser. In this case, you can perfectly enjoy all its features, but you will have to accept the annoying ads that invade the interface.

This is why configuring your Hotmail account to the Mail application of your computer can be a very good alternative. The process is very simple, but you should have on hand the information of the mail servers.

To do this, go to the web page Apple has dedicated to email settings. You just have to write your account in the box you see in the middle of the screen, click on the arrow and wait for the results.

Step 8. Open the Mail application on your Mac

To open the Mail application on your Mac, you have two options. You may have the app icon anchored in your Dock, so just click on it. If, on the other hand, you do not have it anchored, you should go to your folder Applications.

Step 9. Add a Hotmail account in Mail

one. When you open the application, you will be given the option to create a new account. To do this, click on Other Mail account, followed by Continue.

two. Add your account details –Name, Electronic mail? Nico Y password– and click on Sign in.

3. In the top bar of the screen, select Mail and, making sure your Hotmail email is featured, locate Incoming mail server and check that it corresponds to the one indicated on the Apple page.

Step 10. Set up your Hotmail account in Mail with IMAP

Alternatively, you can configure the IMAP service manually.

one. With the Mail application open, click on the tab Mail from the top bar of the screen and select Accounts.

two. Among the options that appear below, click on Add another account, followed by Mail account.

3. Enter your Name, Electronic mail? Nico Y password, and click on Sign in.

4. Finally, click on Advanced and enter the host name indicated on the Apple page of section 8. Most likely, it will come out automatically.


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