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WhatsApp add “self destructible messages” for group chats

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The most popular application in matters of instant messenger, WhatsApp; It is adding a new feature to the latest beta release. Some time ago it was said that for the application owned by Facebook a new function was being tested; This function is about missing messages; however, it was not known at all what this function could be about.

The new function is a message eliminator which expires after a certain time. This function will be added to the latest beta version of WhatsApp. This beta version of WhatsApp is a compilation of features and new features that must be tested before being available globally and openly to the public. The latest version 2.19.275 of WhatsApp Beta, for Android, includes the next function for group chats.

The new function is named Delete messages; This allows the user to instantly choose to expire the messages which will generate the disappearance of the text sent. The time period is predetermined by the function; can be established as time limits one hour; one day; one week; one month; or even a year. According to a report, this new function is being implemented, in order to prevent group conversations from taking up too much space on the Smartphone.

Currently in a WhatsApp group there can be up to 256 participants. Because of this, the large number of messages that may be in the chat can be somewhat annoying when looking for accurate information; Therefore, the characteristic may be quite useful throughout the term. There are also other reasons for users to use this function. The function of deleting messages so far is exclusive for those group chat; Only chat administrators can access and configure it. Once a certain configuration is applied, it will affect all the members of the group chat.


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