The new Huawei P30 Sunrise tone, according to new filtration

The new Huawei P30 Sunrise tone, according to new filtration

This will be the Huawei P30 that will transport you to a sunrise.


The Huawei P30 Arrive at the market in four colors, and at least one of them will remind you of a beautiful sunrise.

The WinFuture site obtained images of a variant of the P30 in Sunrise color, as Huawei will name this new color that so far has not dressed any of its high-end cell phones. The Chinese company used to wear a special color to each of its cell phones, to test the Huawei P20 Pro in Twilight tone that reminds users of a northern lights.

The Sunrise color is a beautiful orange color that turns slightly gradient from bottom to top. The lower part of the cell phone, where the name of the firm begins, is a fairly saturated orange, but it becomes lighter as the upper part of the cell phone is reached.

That is all the new information offered by WinFuture, but very little is needed to know about this phone. Huawei has been responsible for confirming aspects such as the name of the cell phone or the main feature of the camera: a powerful zoom.

Huawei has been betting on its own launch for the Huawei P30, leaving behind the annual MWC event. Instead, the second largest cell phone manufacturer worldwide hold an event on March 26 in Paris, France. It is very likely that Huawei announces three variants of the P30: a basic P30 Lite model, the standard P30 model and the P30 Pro, the most important in the family.

This Huawei launch happens a month after the company itself stormed the European MWC event to announce that Samsung was not alone in the folding phone market at announce your Mate X, a phone that, at least for a more attractive design, surpasses the South Korean Galaxy Fold.

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