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How to move Steam games to another hard drive

Steam games can take up a lot of space on your computer's hard drive, which can lead to headaches if you accumulate game titles on your hard drive or local disk drive.

Keep in mind that the published games amount to more than 30,000 titles, bringing together games from large developer companies as well as those from independent studios.

Years ago, it was difficult to move games from one unit to another in order to free up space before eliminating them, something for which you usually had to resort to software from third parties.

Nowadays, the Steam platform itself It has echoed the criticism of users and has greatly facilitated this process, so that it offers an easy and fast way to move games between storage units without risk of corruption or loss of adjustments and data.

Next, we teach you how to move games from one unit to another, either because you want to free up space, or because you have installed a new SSD on your PC faster and better.

If you are thinking of carrying out such an update on your PC, we offer you the best SSD drives of 2019.

How to move Steam games to another unit

Steam now offers this built-in functionality, so you can even replace your old hard drive with a new, faster SSD and provide better performance to your PC without having problems losing your Steam games.

Create a new folder in the Steam library

First of all, you must stop any downloading of the game that you may be carrying out while doing this unit change process, associated with the Steam library folders.

Once you have stopped the current download, go to Steam> Settings> Downloads and select the "Steam library folders" option.

In the pop-up window, click Add library folder and select the destination drive in which you want to create and store your Steam library. You can assign the name you prefer, although we recommend SteamGames to identify it.

Once you have named the folder, click OK and then click Select again to choose the folder you just created. This should appear within your Steam library.

Move games to the new Steam library

Now that you have your additional library created on the new hard drive or storage unit, you can now move games from one disk to another naturally without worrying about data corruption or losing game settings during transfer.