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How to make personalized Christmas greetings online

Making your own Christmas greetings has never been so easy. Thanks to the Internet, we have the possibility to make them quickly and from the comfort of the sofa of our house, and even personalize them with our photos.

Services on-line how Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, Snapfish, Photo effects Y Fotor They allow you to create creative and fun congratulations in matters of second. It is no longer necessary to send the same classic and boring congratulations of each year.

All these platforms have in common a very simplified interface that will tell you step by step what you have to do to create your own Christmas card. You can choose between many themes or even according to the person to whom you send it.

Then, be a matter of inserting the personalized text you want or even add your own images to existing designs, and see how easy it is to have your personalized greeting. Finally you can send it by mail or social networks.

How to make Christmas congratulations

To teach you how to create Christmas greetings on-line, we will set the platform as an example Moonpig. You can all create an account and start designing. You should know that you can also do it from their mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Go to the section of congratulations with your own photos and choose the one you like best. Vers that there are many different designs and that you can also filter them according to the container, design, age or theme.

Once you've decided on one, you can choose the size of the congratulation, as well as the amount you need. Click on the Personalize button to add the text and photos you want to make your greeting as personal as possible.

In the design that we have chosen, we are given the possibility of adding our photo and that of three friends in the face of four funny reindeer. We had to use the editing tools to fit perfectly.

You can import the photos from a folder on your computer, Facebook or Instagram. Then you can also add a text to congratulate Christmas to the recipients of the postcard. When you're ready, click on the Preview button to see how it will look.

If you are satisfied with the result, just follow the instructions to pay the personalized congratulations, as well as to add the address of who you want to send them to. You can also find free options.