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Google closes Inbox, one of the best email clients

A few years ago Google decided that it wanted to investigate the future of email, one of the sectors in which it dominated. To do this, he created Inbox, a variant of the Gmail client that would allow the creation of new functions without affecting hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

But little by little The official Gmail client has been acquiring the functions of Inbox (In fact it has been thought for this) and by not incorporating this application no differentiating novelty has reached the point where both are almost equal.

That is why Google has decided that it is time to close this service, to the regret of those who used it daily.

March will be the month of the end of Inbox

The company has announced with enough time when it will be time to shut down this application: March 2019.

We have half a year ahead to get to the idea that we will have to use the Gmail application again, which, however, has incorporated some of the novelties that were presented in Inbox such as smart responses or being able to perform actions by sliding, not Talk about the powerful manager of reminders and email reminders.

And where will the tests be done?

When this service is closed, Google must enable beta versions or similar programs to be able to massively test the new options that you want to put in Gmail before putting it in the stable version. There are too many users who use it, since it is preinstalled on Android, to do light tests.

Those of us who still use Inbox will consider whether to switch to the very common Gmail for Android (for which Google has created a guide) or to some other online mail manager such as Astro, which I personally no longer use because it is not compatible with Windows.